Anatomical Toys...So Cute

I'm a Hello Kitty lover but I've never seen the one like this before. This is the new look of Hello Kitty. I've never imagined how Hello Kitty's inside is. The inside of my cute friend is showed by Jason Freeny with his anatomical cutaway design.

Jason Freeny is a toy designer who see through toys' body and creats many toy and cartoon anatomy. He's also an artist, illustrator and crazy person. His anatomy series of sculptures is incredible!

Anatomical Mickey Mouse

Anatomical Mario

Gingerbread Man Dissected

There's a LEGO brick inside each of us.

Visit Jason and see more his designs and illustrations at moistproduction blog and deviantart.

Also contact him at facebook.

There're lots of digital artwork, products and collections at his shop and orther toy sites like Toy2R, Neonmonster, Qee4all and so on.

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Have fun with some cute anatomical toys and follow Jason's new designs, he continute create cool stuff for you!!!

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