Bangkok Center Grocery

If you're looking for Thai ingredients, then head deeper south, past the crush of Canal Street, to the otherwise nondescript Mosco Street, where you'll find the Bangkok Center Grocery.

The Bangkok Center Grocery is one of the few groceries in New York City dedicated solely to Thai cuisine. 

Yoottapong is the Bangkok Center Grocery owner.

Bangkok Center Grocery has everything you need for Thai home cooking. 

There are several kinds of noodles (including three thicknesses of dried noodles, and the original Thai "Double Dragon" glass sheet noodles), turmeric and roasted rice powders, whole annatto seed, several brands of shrimp paste as well dried shrimp and dried squid, preserved bean curd and preserved cabbage, jars of young green peppers, and tamarind (both in fresh paste and concentrate form).

But more impressive than the things in tins and boxes are the ingredients that oneusually finds in tins and boxes elsewhere but are, at Yoottapong's, fresh. Alongside the Thai basil there's another hard-to-find basil, Holy basil, as well as kaffir lime leaves for making homemade curry, bunches of feathery green Cha-om (an herby vegetable that Yoottapong suggested cooking into what would amount to an egg and Cha-om frittata), stalks of lemongrass, fresh turmeric, galangal root, bird's eye chilies, small Thai eggplants, and fresh bamboo shoots by the bagful.

Palm Sugar
Palm sugar is one of five pantry staples Yoottapong insists one should have on hand at all times in order to make great Thai food.

Bangkok Center Grocery carries several forms of tamarind, including fresh paste (with seeds—be prepared to deal with stickiness!), liquid tamarind concentrate, and (not pictured) pickled tamarind leaves.

Bamboo shoots are sold jarred with Bai Yanang and Chili. They're also sliced and packaged by the bagful in the fridge.

Thai basil, a hard-to-find cousin of the widely available sweet or Italian basil, is a key flavor in many Thai dishes. Yoottapong also carries the fragrant and much loved Holy basil.

Curry By The Canful
Although the best curry is, according to Yoottapong, the kind you'll find fresh in his refrigerated section, Bangkok Center Grocery also carries every kind of canned and boxed curry imaginable, including the celebrated Maesri and Mae Ploy brands.

Special Treats
The small store is closely packed with ingredients, and it's easy to miss small treats among the more obvious offerings. If you spend some time eying the shelves, you'll come across things like quail eggs and coconut meat in syrup.

For dessert, in the fridge you'll find a selection of carefully packaged Thai desserts, including tongyod, made from egg yolks and sugar, a cassava dessert, and lodchong, a coconut cream

Yoottapong also carries a few non edible Thai products, such as these tiny plastic tubs of lime paste (mysteriously labeled "for ceremony use only.")

Reading Material
For a bit of light reading with your homemade Pad Thai, at Bangkok Center Grocery you'll find a selection of Thai-language magazines and newspapers.

As you check out be sure to grab a box of spicy tamarind candies, or these sweet star gooseberry jellies, both classic Thai sweets.

For more information --> here.

Bangkok Center Grocery
104 Mosco Street, New York, NY 10013 (map)
(212) 349-1979


DJ Hello Kitty @ clubKT (shibuya109)

Hello Kitty might not have a mouth to sing beautiful songs but she can be a great DJ, Wowwwww.....

Let's see her performance at Shibuya109 Building, the famous fashion store.

Next time I go to Tokyo, I'll go to see her performance there (=^_^=)

DJ Hello Kitty is so cool (^_^)b

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Party Treat Pockets

These treat pockets is cute and easy to make. 
You can use this idea for gift wrapping and sweet packages. 

Materials you will need :  vellum or parchment paper, double stick tape, 
1/2″ coloured tape (trim if wider), scissors, and your choice of fillings.

Step 1:  Cut strips of paper:  3.5″x8″ for small, 4″x9″ for medium, and 4.5″x10″ for large.
Step 2:  Place double stick tape along one short end and stick to the other end to form a loop.
Step 3:  Pinch one end and close the opening with a strip of coloured tape.

Step 4:  Fill the pocket.
Step 5:  Pinch the opening in the opposite direction as before and close with coloured tape.

If you don't have vellum or parchment paper, you can use any gift wrap paper, it is also cute!

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Mom Made Printable

Spruce up your bagged lunches with these special printable lunchbox tags! 
They make the perfect little toppers for your loving lunch creations.

So cute, right?

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Have a good time! 


What Your Style of Eggs Say About You

Eggs say more about your personality and future than any horoscope could possibly dream of. 
Check this chart to get a special insight into your own mind based on your favourite style of eggs. 
If you have more than one favourite, consider your indecisiveness your revealed insight



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Cath Kidston Desktop Wallpaper

I always check some pretty fabric patterns, dots, stars, roses, strawberries, etc. on the Cath Kidston website. 

Though I explored Cath Kidston site for several time. I've just noticed that Cath Kidston has some of her famous retro patterns as desktop wallpaper. I wonder why I haven't seen them before @_@ 

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Milk Bottle Measuring Cups

When not on display, this space saving, stackable set works in the kitchen. 
How's that for good measure?


They're made of white new bone china with colorful insides.

So perfectly beautiful inside and out, you see.


Cool Workout Guide

click the image and choose open image in new tap to see the larger one

I just get this cool workout guide today. I wanna try soon. It'd be good for my heath. (^_^)b


Origami Paper Dress Card


Making this origami paper dress is very simple, here is a video of the paper folding process.

Don't you think making a dress out of paper will be fun. Lets learn how to do this... :)

I also found the step by step how to fold the cute Origami dress at the F girl blog.

It's also cute to decorate your letter, card, gift and so on with this little Origami dress.

This is the perfect ornament for a bookie. The little dresses are so very sweet.


How cute are these little origami dresses : ModCloth.

Now, you get some ideas to enjoy making the Origami Paper Dress. Then fold some for your own.

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Have fun!


Sharing Olympics Freebie

the 3x4 cards for Olympics 2012

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Hope it isn't too late, enjoy!