Anatomical Toys...So Cute

I'm a Hello Kitty lover but I've never seen the one like this before. This is the new look of Hello Kitty. I've never imagined how Hello Kitty's inside is. The inside of my cute friend is showed by Jason Freeny with his anatomical cutaway design.

Jason Freeny is a toy designer who see through toys' body and creats many toy and cartoon anatomy. He's also an artist, illustrator and crazy person. His anatomy series of sculptures is incredible!

Anatomical Mickey Mouse

Anatomical Mario

Gingerbread Man Dissected

There's a LEGO brick inside each of us.

Visit Jason and see more his designs and illustrations at moistproduction blog and deviantart.

Also contact him at facebook.

There're lots of digital artwork, products and collections at his shop and orther toy sites like Toy2R, Neonmonster, Qee4all and so on.

Looking for iPAD & iPhone4 skin, click ebay.

Let's protect laptop, phone, iPod and MP3, iPAd and eReader with 'Gelaskin'.

Have fun with some cute anatomical toys and follow Jason's new designs, he continute create cool stuff for you!!!


Win a Free Meizu M9 Phone

Meizu Me has now been following Meizu's successes and disappointments for 4 years. To celebrate their fourth birthday, they are giving away the highly anticipated Meizu M9. You'll be one of the first in the world to own a Meizu M9!

The contest is so easy!! In this contest, your aim is to collect points, where you earn 1 point for each of the following:

- Reply to the topic (1 reply per member).
- Follow @meizume on Twitter and retweet this contest. The retweet can't be private.
- Like the Meizu Me page on Facebook and click "Like" below the post.

For more information --> click

Hurry up!!! The contest ends the 30th of October, and results will be announced the 1st of November. (So...so...sorry I just know about this, there's only few days left)

Each point represents a chance to win, and each member can earn a maximum of 3 points. In the end, the lucky winner will be randomly drawn to recieve a Meizu M9 as soon as it's ready. They've been hearing that it would arrive before Christmas, wow!!

Enjoy the contest. I wish you're the lucky one.


Paper Halloween Decoration

For the Western I think you're counting down the days to Halloween, October 31st. I'm sure that some of you prepare for a Halloween party already. Thai don't celebrate Halloween like you all. Anyway there're Halloween parties or Halloween theme at some department stores, restaurants, pubs and entertainment centres.

I also love to celebrate Halloween cause I like party, :D. The Halloween which I like is the cute Halloween style, not scary one. 'Trick or treat' is also the fun part which I like.

I find some Halloween decorative ideas and recipes. First of all, I'm thinking of pumpkin cause I love to eat pumpkin. ^.^ I'm looking for some ideas of how to decorate pumpkins and how to cook or bake pumpkins. I'd like to bake pumpkin pie or pumpkin muffin.

I always focus on the paper craft (I'm a paper craft lover) and finally I found the cute paper craft for Halloween decoration.

You' ll find the paper Halloween decoration which I mention in the cannon website, it's cannon creative park zone. I'm enjoy looking around to choose the cute Halloween items. There're many many downloadable and printable freebies for Halloween and other occations. There're lots of freebies for gift & card, paper craft, scrapbook, art and calendar. I'm so lucky to know this site :D.

This site let me know about Halloween. Now I know 'The origin of Halloween'. The word "Halloween" is derived from All Hallos Eve, which refer to the day before Christian holiday of all Saints day. The pumpkin lamps I see around the place at Halloween are called Jack-o'-lanterns. To know more click --> here

There're many cute cards. It's not easy to choose only one.

There're many items for Halloween decorations

To keep your Halloween party memories, create your scrapbook with many nice patterns.

I have lots of ideas for a fun Halloween. Anyway there's one thing left I'm looking for. It's how to decorate the treat boxes or bags to please the kids. I have to hurry up, there're only 10 days before Halloween!!!!


Lovely Little Pictures and Things

It's still raining in Thailand now. There's rain everyday for almost a week. I don't like rainy season. It make me sad, depress, cheerless, and so on. Actually, the rainy season here is from June to October. The wettest period are 2-3 months, July-September. Because of a depresstion there's wildspread rain with heavy to very heavy rainfall in some areas.

I hope there'll be sun shine soon cause I plan to go to the beach this long weekend.

Something I alway do to waste my time in the boring days is searching for inspirations. Today I find cute drawing with words which can cheer up myself. They're made by Fre'ya who enjoy traveling around the world and drawing inspiration from wherever she visits. She's based in England and Austraria. Her works are held in many public and private collections around the world.

I think you'll enjoy and be happy (like me) when you see her beautyful drawings and sweet words. Let's click --> Fre'ya art and design. There're many lovely little pictures and things.

I love this one so much and have a big smile when I see it.

I love to sleep. I like my family's tradition that 'Don't disturb anyone who're spleeping'....Ha, ha,...

Visit her shop at Etsy to see more her design and buy some for yourself and your special one for any occation !!!


Printable Lunch Notes

After I posted 'The Lunch Note Promise' last week, I thought I'd like to share you some free cute printable lunch notes I have. Anyway they aren't mine, I have to find out their sources before telling you all.

The 1st of mine favorite lunch notes is 'super sweet lunch notes' from paper & pomegranates blog.

I like her sweet illustrations and colours so much. She is an illustrator & designer. She like clean and white colour so her illustrations are solf and clean. The notes are designed based on her dear friend's blog (Another lunch) illustrations to commemorate the lunch.

You can download, print, fill out & stick the notes into all the cute lunchboxes you make for your own, your sweetheart and your kids.

Click here --> Sweet printable lunch notes to download yours and here --> Paper & Pomegranates to visit mariah-de-marco blog and say hello to her.

Click here --> Another lunch to have more fun making bento boxes.


The 2nd is 'back to school owl freebies' from delighful design.

The owl collection is so cute and colourful. I also like colourful stuff. Merydwen is a former teacher who change to be a lovely mommy and designer. She created these cute and colourful design for her son. The printable file includes bookmarks, lunch box love notes and mini joke book.

Click here --> School is a hoot to download file for free and here --> Delightful designs to see more her designs.


The next is 'lunch box love notes' from frog print paperie.

These printable lunch box love notes are some simply but full of love from momma to daughter. Her sweet daughter love to see a little something from mom in the middle of the day. She designs and shares a free printable of lunch box notes so there can be just a touch of extra special in lunch boxes everywhere.


The next is 'Happy monster lunch box notes' From HP.

Click here --> Happy monster lunch box notes to print your labels at home.
Click here --> Cute free school downloads which are perfect for anyone from toddler to teen.


The next is 'Free printable lunchbox notes, tags and stickers' from alpha Mom.

Fruits are also good for your health and beauty. It's agood idea to encourage your kids to some fruits with fun label that reminds them how special you think they are. It's so easy to make these notes by following the instruction, just download fruit note labels then print and cut.

Click here --> fruit label to dowload the labels

There're more labels for you to stick into your kids' lunch box. Click here --> custom lunchbox notes to download the labels


For some stamp lovers, you might like my idea to make your own love notes or bird notes like I did. It's very easy to make them. Just cut a card stock into any size you want and then stamp them!!!

See mine here --> love notes and bird notes

Have fun with creating your kids lunch box and surprising them!!!


The Lunch Note Promise

"A Little Note can Inspire Great Thing"

I think some of you always make your kids lunchbox. I'm sure that your kids will love them so much. I'm the one who love my lunchbox made by my mom. Even though there's no any sweet note nor love note shown with my lunch, but I knew that my mom love me so much, :)

I see some bloggers make their love note cards and give them with their kids' lunchbox.
I thought it's a great idea to decorate the lunchboxes and tell your kids how much you love, care and think about them ^.^

The lunch note promise deal - Every time you promise to give a free, printable lunch note to your kids, $1 will be donated to Boys and Girls Clubs of America's Creative programs (like MusicMakers, The National Fine Arts Exhibit and Dance Stars of Tomorrow), up to a $100,000 total Donation.

Now there's around $28,140 donation. Let's make your promise and raise up the donation to the goal.

Make a promise - Make a difference : There're many cute notes available for you to print and drop into your kids' lunch. Have Fun!!!

you can help to get the word out by telling your friends on Twitter or e-mail them.

Plus if you tell your friends on Facebook about your promise, you can get a $1 off coupon for LUNCHABLES!

Make a promise and $1 will be donated!!!

See more at lunchables.com


Computer Technology Explained

image credit : unknown

There're some problems with my notebook for few weeks. It's might be there're some virus in my notebook, windows programe was out of order or any reason. Finally I can't start my notebook...so sad. So I have to use my old computer instead. It's very very old ... everything in it is also olddd....and slowly.

Anyway one good thing is I found many pictures, photos and contents I left in my old computer. Some of them I can remember, some of them I forgot already. Many photos remind me my old days and my happyness.

I found the 'Computer Technology Explained' graphic which I show you today in my old computer also. Because it's saved in my computer for many years, I don't know who send it to me nor it's belong to whom. When I see this graphic again I think it's so funny and I like it so much. It's no need for me to explain anything, the graphic explain itself very well.

Have fun!!! I hope you like it also.