Lovely Freebies For Holiday Season

Free holiday desktop wallpaper! 

Here is a little gift for you to decorate your computer from Mon carnet!
In both french or english. Enjoy!

free printable holiday cards

Two different holiday cards in both French and English are also the special treat from Mon carnet.

You can download and print for your personal use only. To download, simply click on one of the links below. 

Place cards & gift tags for Christmas.

Some tags & place cards from Geninne's Art Blog.
All you need to do is download the file, print the page in card stock and cut them out.
Rounding the corners with a nifty corner punch & using a bit of hemp thread
for the tags. All you have to do with the place cards is cut them out,
fold them in half and write the name of your guest. 

Click here to download the PDF. The file is for your personal use only :-)

Jinjerup’s Xmas Mish Mash Giftbox.

So handy for wrapping last minute gifts, have fun filling them with snacks or treats, am sure your loved ones will love this cute little box!

There are much more Christmas Freebies for you at Jinjerup.

Happy Holiday!


Coke of Canada Salutes Polar Bears on Cans and with Charitable Support

Since 1993, polar bears have been the symbol of holiday joy.
But these magnificent creatures are at risk, as climate change is melting their icy arctic home.

 Coca-Cola of Canada will be making a substantial contribution to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in support of the protection of polar bears.

Consumers can make donations via iCoke.ca. Funds will be going towards WWF’s polar bear conservation work.

Let's Donate & Coke will match!


Amy's Basic Sugar Cookie Recipes For People Magazine

I've just found the cookie recipes which are perfect to bake for this holiday season.

Amy Atlas has revealed her recipes for People Magazine on entertaining/holiday issue.

Cheers, Happy baking :)


2012 Calendars Project

For me, having some nice calendars is a prefect way to start off the New Year! 

The end of each year, many artists have created and shared beautiful calendars on their websites. I've just downloaded and printed them. So easy, right (-^〇^-). 

This is a good idea to be a perfect Christmas and New Year gift to your family and friends or even a gift to yourself!

Owl Lover 2012 calendar project from My Owl Barn, download -> here.
This "My Owl Barn", and 45 artists from all over the world are proud to present you "Owl Lover 2012 calendar". The artwork by all these amazing people makes this calendar a perfect gift.

You can select the images you love the most and create your own free calendar.

2012 Calendar (Including Lunar Phases) - a small Collection of Useful Herbs by Alice, download -> here.

13-Month Wall Calendar for 2012 by Diana Ung, download -> here.

Free Printable 2012 Calendar - Walking the Tightrope by LuLa Louise, download -> here.

Free Printable 2012 Calendar - Between The Lines by LuLa Louise, download -> here.

Free Printable 2012 Calendar - By The Numbers by LuLa Louise, download -> here.

Free 2011 cute Pop-up Calendar by NGOC THUY DO, download -> here.

2012 Craft Calendar from Creative Park, download -> here.

This photo calendar template has been shared by Shutter Sisters, download -> here.

Have Fun!! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


Hello Kitty Cover for ELLE Taiwan...(OwO)!

To celebrate Elle Taiwan's 20th anniversary, ELLE Taiwan editors have launch their December 2011 Elle Hello Kitty magazine double cover.

Hello kitty! (◕‿◕✿) She's so beautiful.

I'm sure that all of Hello Kitty fans would like to have it. So, I am 。◕‿◕。.


Can't Wait For Christmas Project...# 4 : Writing Letter to Santa

image source

These adorable letters to Santa templates are the perfect way for the little ones to get in touch with Old Saint Nick right before he finishes his naughty or nice list.

So cute free download and printable from Blush Printables.

Just click the image and save the file to your computer then print, so easy :D

There're both cute Letter to Santa and Letter from Santa from gifts.com

Letter to Santa. Just click the image and save the file to your computer then print, so easy :D

Letter from Santa. Just click the image and save the file to your computer then print, so easy :D

Letter to Santa....Freebies from Shindig Parties TO GO, Here's the link to the DOWNLOAD 

Santa Stationery, the "To Santa" and "From Santa" Letter Editable Printables from pretty&print. Just click here for PDF File.


Let's make writing a letter to Santa Claus a part of your holiday tradition, and help Macy’s reach “A Million Reasons To Believe!”

Enjoy your Christmas Time!!


A Homemade Holiday Guide E-Book

I've just seen Ruche's Homemade Holiday Guide. So cool, it's incredibly beautiful and filled with Holiday inspiration! 


Necklace length

Necklace length (in inches), very helpful for you when ordering necklaces online!



Attention please, Twenty10 Footwear has the exclusive license to Hello Kitty footwear in the United States!

These so cute Hello Kitty collection have just been created. You get a chance to win these fantastic pink Hello Kitty boots and be one of the first ones ever ever to own them!

Details: Pink Vegan Metalized Ultrasuede boots with a perforated Hello Kitty Face on the heel, and a Hello Kitty Bow embossed rubber sole. RETAILS FOR $85 USD.

The Pink Hello Kitty Winter Boot Giveaway Rules - OPEN TO U.S. ONLY --> Here.

Hurry up, Giveaway ends 12/12/11 at 12pm EST.

So sad...I don't have a chance to involve...T.T, Anyway lucky you!


Can't Wait for Christmas Project... no.2

'Join to World' from Muji, my favorite brand.



Can't Wait for Christmas Project... no.1

Hybrid Christmas Tree Tutorial
In this tutorial you will be shown how to make a paper tree. I love three dimensional hybrid project. I thought this one is easy to make and so cute ^.^

Firstly, prepare your material and then follow the step by step for making your lovely Christmas tree....here.