When I was a little girl, I love the paper city sets which my mom bought me so much. I enjoyed assembly and arranging buildings, houses, shops and so on. 

 The paper city sets I found in made by Joel remind me my old days. There are many free downloadable cute paper city sets there, <3 them.

Click here to go to the paper city page to download and try them out.

 Just cut on the black outlines and fold.  Cool!


I'll download them all. It looked like so much fun : )

I also can use them for decorating cards, gift tags and scrapbooking.


** Made by Joel is a space to share art, craft, and handmade education projects for children and their care givers. 

 Have fun!


The Joys of Books!

Have you seen this video? It's so cool. I like it so much.



2012 Sanrio Calendar

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Happy New Year 2012

All best wish from this world, healthy, wealthy, morality come to all my friends. Happy new year 2012.