Little Baker Boya (kitchen tool set)

This is kitchen tools set, not a toy. So cute, right? I'd should say 'kawaiiiii' cause this is japanese product. I find this tool in angers web shop. At first I see it I think it's the tool for keeping baking tools together. I don't know japanese so I have to use google translation. (google can translate japanese to thai also but it isn't good enough)

When not wearing anything, and look a little foolish! The first tip is, the nose unitę³”Date, spatula in the mouth, and you bowl a hat, complete with cute BOYA grinded.
The back of the head contains the cookie cutter. And also part of the foundation, I put a batch tool which can force a lot of storage!

Selling price : 12,000 yen (12,600 yen including tax)
There're bear type cake pan, four type of animal forms cookies cutter, mixer, pastry bag cap, spatula, measuring cup and mixing bowl in one set.
for more detail see Angers vivre sa vie.
credit image and content : Angers web shop.


Love Set

Last month i went to Singapore. I found Kikki.K Shop at ION department store.
I was so excited. I like Kikki.K goodies style so much. There's no Kikki.k store in Thailand. I only have chance to see all goodies online.

Actually I like red colour and heart shape so I picked up this love stamp suddenly I saw it.

Happy My Birthday!!!
Wish myself very very happy.


Mew Packaging

Designed by Subconscious Co. Ltd. Country: Thailand
I found these packages in my favorite website http://lovelypackage.com/
I so wonder I've never seen this product before.