Masking Tape app for iPhone

Masking Tape iPhone App : Cool App for masking tape addicted.

There're many tapes about 50 kinds of design and 60 kinds of color to choose. They're reproduced a feeling torn by hand and texture of masking tapes.

How to use.
1) The color and the kind of the tape are chosen from the "tape" button.
2) The picture is chosen from the "album" button.
3) The tape can be put by tapping your finger and stretched by dragging.
4) The put tape can be peeled off by the double tap.
5) The edited picture can be saved to touch the "save" button.

There're something new in version 3.4. It's cost $0.99, view in  iTunes.



DIY Valentine's Card

It's almost the end of February now but I just find this cute DIY Valentine's Card from the yvestown blog.

There's a lovely video tutorial there too. Let's take a look.

Anyway, I thought this cute card is perfectly for any occasion of your choice to express your love.



What Women Really Want!

Guys, this video will show you what women really want from you!


Sweet 'Be Mine' Valentine's Day Wrapping Paper, Sweet Bag Topper and Gift Tags

It's almost Valentine's Day now, anyway I still look for Valentine's ideas. There're many sweet freebies for you. So it isn't easy to choose only one... : D

These Be Mine Valentine's Day Freebies from everyday occasions are so sweet.

Be Mine Wrapping Paper for Valentine's Day

You can make this Valentine's Day Wrapping Paper by printing out sheets of Be Mine little labels.  It is perfect for a small box of cookies (as it is on a sheet of regular paper).  For the larger box, using two sheets of paper together strategically placed at the seems. 
For the printable download click Download PDF

Be Mine Bag Topper for Valentine's Day

Print these tags on cardstock to make anything into a Valentines Day gift for your loved one.

Here, she've attached the large label to a cellophane bag of sugar cookies tied with twine. It's so lovely and perfectly match with heart-shape cookies.

For the printable download click Download PDF

 Be Mine Gift Tags for Valentine's Day

Here, she've cut out the smaller "Be Mine" labels into tags and punched a small hole using a small hole punch.

For the printable download click Download PDF

Some of you might would like to bake so sweet cookies like these, me too. Let's follow this heart-shape sugar cookies recipe.

Hope this Valentine's Day gift idea is not too late.

Have a Happy Valentine's


Valentine's Day Freebies, So Cute Gift Tags!

I'm sure that most of you should already prepare Valentine's Day gifts, it's almost Valentine's Day now \(^.^)/

Let's make your gifts so lovely with these lovely gift tags which're created by May.

She've created these super cute Valentine's Day Love Gift Tags so you can shower your friends + loved ones + yourself with tons of lovin'!

Follow this link to download file. Please, read and understand the terms of use too.

I really heart these cute gift tags. I like illustration so much. I'll print these gift tags on brown paper, perfectly matched.  Thanks a lot, May : D 

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!


Valentine Sweethearts wallpaper for iPhone

These iPhone wallpaper sets from allsorts are so sweet. The adorable pair of sweethearts were paired with a dotty background.

I rarely found iPhone wallpaper sets like these. 
I said "wallpapers set" cause the wallpapers for your "lock" page and your "home" page are matched! They're so cool ^.^

*The lock page wallpaper is what display when you turn on your phone and you have to swipe to unlock it. The home page wallpaper displays behind your app icons.

These sweet iPhone wallpapers were created in two versions, one with the kids for your lock page, and one without the kids (a nice clean dots-only) for your home page.

The lock page (with swipe bar) will look like this.

The home page (with the app icons) will look like this.


These iPhone wallpaper sets come in 4 colours which're red, aqua, pink and blues.

Below are links to the images, just right-click (or control-click on a Mac) and save to your computer.


How to set up your iPhone wallpaper, you should read this post on She Knows.  

Cheers, Have a nice Valentine's month!!


So cute Korea Stationeries

I'm now addicted to Korea Stationeries. I'll add them to my etsy soon!

I'm sure you'll love them like me : D