Toronto Hearts Japan Fundraiser

Toronto Hearts Japan is an exhibition, silent auction, and two (count them!) parties at the beloved Gladstone Hotel (with DJ Paul E. Lopes and DJ Jun). Featuring works from local to international artists (and other surprises too), everybody can find a way to offer our hearts to Japan and help them soldier on.

Silent Art Auction
The TOheartsJP Silent Auction runs for 5 days from Thursday March 31 to Tuesday April 5th at the Gladstone Hotel, 2nd floor. We are featuring an incredible range of artwork from the entire Toronto Art Community. The auction is open from 12-5pm daily and attendence is free. Please come and support!

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If you cannot make the Silent Auction but would still like to give, please contact us at

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Alice Falls Down the Rabbit Hole

So cute Little Aice for your desktop and iphone wallpaper.

Regina F. Silva designed for your pernoal use.  It's free. Let's click to download.

There're also many more cute wallpapers for free there.

Have fun!!


Paper Cranes for Japan

Your paper cranes will now raise $S!
All you have to do is make & mail your cranes & wishes

Help Japan by making paper cranes. These simple yet powerful gestures will trigger a $200,000 donation from the Bezos Family Foundation - $2 for each crane received - to Architecture for Humanity's reconstruction efforts in Japan. 

DoSomething.org are appealing to young people throughout the world to share their love and support for the Japanese people with "Paper Cranes for Japan."

The task is simple:
  • Find and upload a photo of an origami paper crane OR
  • Make your own and take a quick pic of it THEN
  • Upload that photo along with a message of support to the Facebook page "Paper Cranes for Japan."

Here is How to fold Cranes.

Fold, upload. Fold, upload. Fold, upload. Join them.


Search For Missing Continues in Japan as Death Toll Rises

Tokyo (CNN) -- As searches for thousands of missing continued Saturday, police in Japan said more than 7,300 people had died since the monster earthquake and ensuing tsunami struck last week.

On Saturday evening, 7,348 people were confirmed dead, according to Japan's National Police Agency. An additional 10,947 people were missing and 2,603 were injured, the agency said.

Search and rescue efforts have been hampered by snowfall in the hardest-hit areas, said spokesman Patrick Fuller of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

"The cold is a real issue, particularly for the thousands of people in shelters, many of them elderly," he said, describing providing medical care as a "massive challenge."


Links to the Japanese Red Cross. All support possible is appreciated.

Click Here for more information.


Pray for Japan

These are designed/printed/cut "PRAY FOR JAPAN" postcards with information at the back. All the profits will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

If there's a big enough demand, they're considered to put up for sale.
Would everyone be cool with that? Pls, let she know, here.


Kawaii Japan PDF Book


Kawaii Japan PDF Book

BUY THIS WEEK and 100% of the money will be donated to the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal

"So I need to do a little bit to help. All the reasons I love Japan are described in my book so for this week, if you buy the PDF edition of my Kawaii Japan book, I will give 100% of the money to the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. You get to read about why Japan is so amazing and we all get to help Japan get back to being amazing as soon as possible." - Marceline Smith.

Let them know, Japan...you're not alone.


Quake manual now in 31 languages

Kyodo News

An emergency online earthquake manual had been translated into 31 languages as of Wednesday afternoon by Japanese volunteers to support foreign nationals living in Japan in the wake of Friday's magnitude 9.0 quake.
The manual, whose English title is "Japan earthquake: How to protect yourself," details how to use emergency message services and lists practical advice, such as "move to higher ground if you are near the ocean," as well as goods that should be kept in stock to prepare for the next temblor.
In addition to German, French, Chinese and Korean, there are also versions in the languages of small ethnic groups, including Burmese and Latvian.
The Web address is nip0.wordpress.com/

Hope you all are safe!!


Give What You Can For Japan

image credit : Hideaki Hamada's photostream on Flickr.

Japan Needs Help!
Japan is a strong and sophisticated nation, but it still needs help at times like these.
We Help, Because We Can!


Thanks for your support and prayers received from all over the world.

Japan, We are with U.


Let's Help Japan Earthquake and Tsnami Victims

image credit : pennlive.com

We have followed Japan tsunami since last friday. We all are so sad that it's happen. No one can stop any natural disaster but we can help the victims of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

First of all, I think of the Red Cross.

The American Red Cross is accepting online donations for disaster relief efforts. You can call 800-RED-CROSS to donate by phone.
You can also donate $10 to the Red Cross by sending a text message with the word "REDCROSS" at 90999. The donation will be charged to your next wireless phone bill.

Apple has posted a donation page on iTunes where you can use your iTunes account to make a secure donation to the American Red Cross and its Japanese relief fund. 100% of donations made through iTunes go to the American Red Cross.

If you don't have an iTunes account or would rather donate directly, there are a list of donation sites at Rick Martin's story and WFAA.com.

We're the world. Together we can!!


Calendar of the Month Club

image credit : secondsister

Now, it's a begining of third month...March. It's a little bit hot in Thailand. I fell that hot season comes earlier this year. I don't like hot weather. It's not comfortable. I wouldn't like to be outside the building during the day.

For the one who plan to visit Thailand at this moment, you should prepare your staffs for protecting sunshine and hot weather. It's time to go to the beach. There're many beautiful beaches in Thailand. 

I found lovely calendar for this month. It's a paper toy calendar. It's a 3D umbrella for March, designed by Curiosity’s one-and-only Sean Garrison

So cute, right. Download it --> click.

It's late for January and February calendar now. Anyway they're so cute too. It's a good idea to make it for fun!

January’s 3D Yeti calendar

Have a nice day & Enjoy making toy calendars!

a lot of thanks to Curiosity.