You can find Krispy Kreme in Thailand now!!!

Almost one year after I heard (from reuters) that Krispy Kreme (the American doughnuts brand) award francise development rights in Thailand /--Krispy Kreme doughnut Corporation annouced today that it has entered into an agreement with KDN Company Limited for the development of 20 franchise Krispy Kreme retail shops in Thailand over the next five years.

The Krispy Kreme first branch is opened at Bangkok's Siam Paragon shopping mall yesterday, Sep 28, 2010. With Krispy Kreme advertisement, there're hundreds of people lined up at Siam Paragon since early morning, yesterday to be among the first to try doughnut. The first customer who purchased a dozen of doughnut in the open day got a dozen free doughnuts per week. The second customer got six months of doughnuts. The third customer got three months of doughnuts. The 4th-100th got one months of doughnuts. The 101th-200th got a dozen free doughnuts.

Enjoy your every days in Thailand, Have fun!!!


Let's have Breakfast

image credit : simply breakfast

I'm sure that everyone already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Anyway I think breakfast may be the meal that is most often neglected or skipped for any reason.

I'm the one who usually skip breakfast especially on weekend or holiday,...oh,...bad Habit....

A good breakfast provides the nutrients that people need to start their day off right. It provide you energy that your body needs to make it through the day.

Breakfast is very important for weight loss and weight management. Right breakfast provide you better blood sugar.

Studies show that children who eat a good breakfast do better in school than children who do not.
See more how much important your breakfast is...here...

Let's take a look at simply breakfast, Jennifer Causey's blog. She love food, photo, travel and breakfast.

I hope her photos will inspire you all to prepare beautiful breakfast and not skip your breakfast at all.

You can print your own simply breakfast at Jen's etsy shop.

some sources for healthy and easy breakfast :

Enjoy Breakfast and get Healthy!!!


Jacket + Bookmark

Book jacket and bookmark can work together. They can create an unique image of a book.

This idea can help to expand book’s space, like these...

from - icoeye


Chocolate Cupcake

I like coffee and bakery and be addicted to chocolate. I remember that I used to bake some easy cake when I was young. (long time ago ^-^)

I started baking again around few months before christmas of last year. I tried some easy cookies and cupcake first. It's come out pretty good and yummyyyy... So I enjoy baking and try more.

I love pretty things so I'd like to make pretty bakery. Many bakery boggers inspire me to make cute cookies and cupcake. One of my favorite site is Bakerella. This site provides sweet inspiration and fun baking ideas. I dream to decorate my bakery to be cute like these.

images credit : Bakerella

There're many fun and easy baking in her site. Her baking and decorating are so pretty. I like this site so much especially the bite-size recipes.

This's my first time to decorate cupcake. They're not look good but they're yummy....

2 days later I tried decorating cupcake again. Wowww....they're look better and more cute, right ^.^

I'll practice more and more to make very very cute bakery,......Fighting!!!!


Resurrect a Broken Camera as a Flowerpot

What shall we do with a broken camera. I found some cool ideas from photojojo and would like to tell you all.

Firstly, 'grow a plant' in a broken remains of your lens is introduced. The pals green will like this ideas so much.
Cacti and succulents are recommended for annoying water drippage cause they don't need much water. Moreover they're relatively small and don't need to be planted in the soil.

The camera body version

The twin lens version

Food photography is another cool idea. Line a bunch of cameras up on the kitchen windowsill and plant different herbs in them. It gives new meaning to the phrase "food photography!"

For more details such as how to make a broken lens into a flowerpot, where to find old cameras and lenses and so on, see here.

The idea of resurrect a broken camera is turned to be a cool idea stuff for coffee lovers. The Camera Lens Mug, a mug rendered to resemble a remarkably realistic 24-108 mm Canon lens. Camera-geek meet Camera Lens Mug, your new favorite lemonade/jelly bean/meat loaf/plant-holder. It's cost $24 each, provided at the Photojojo shop.

Images & contents credit : *Photojojo!*