Resurrect a Broken Camera as a Flowerpot

What shall we do with a broken camera. I found some cool ideas from photojojo and would like to tell you all.

Firstly, 'grow a plant' in a broken remains of your lens is introduced. The pals green will like this ideas so much.
Cacti and succulents are recommended for annoying water drippage cause they don't need much water. Moreover they're relatively small and don't need to be planted in the soil.

The camera body version

The twin lens version

Food photography is another cool idea. Line a bunch of cameras up on the kitchen windowsill and plant different herbs in them. It gives new meaning to the phrase "food photography!"

For more details such as how to make a broken lens into a flowerpot, where to find old cameras and lenses and so on, see here.

The idea of resurrect a broken camera is turned to be a cool idea stuff for coffee lovers. The Camera Lens Mug, a mug rendered to resemble a remarkably realistic 24-108 mm Canon lens. Camera-geek meet Camera Lens Mug, your new favorite lemonade/jelly bean/meat loaf/plant-holder. It's cost $24 each, provided at the Photojojo shop.

Images & contents credit : *Photojojo!*

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