Oreo Crumb Case

“Crumbs left over from an Oreo package should never go to waste. Oreo Crumb Case is a ‘tea bag’ enclosure for Oreo crumbs that will infuse your milk with Oreo flavor. After all, Oreo is milk’s favorite cookie.”

Cool, good idea!!!


Exercise Finder

Exercise finder - choose a body part and the system automatically gives you exercises for that area.

Don't wait, let's work out. Use the Exercise Finder to view a variety of exercises for all parts of your body including the abs, buttocks, arms, legs and more. Tones of exercises and images to show you how to correctly do push ups, crunches, squats, lunges and more.

Cheers, have a good health and good shape.


Ferris Wheel Cupcake Stand

This Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder is a perfect tabletop for any party.  It has baskets the perfect size for holding eight cupcakes in a round. It's 
wire frame with brushed nickel finish. The size is 13.75"W x 7.5"D x 18.5"T. 

I found it at Horchow, $75


Free Printable Recipe Page Template

Last month I told you about a Free Owl Recipe Card which I like so much.

Today I find another fun idea to make a personal cookbook from domestifluff.com. It's so cute and free. It's a full page (8 1/2" x 11") printable recipe template.

It's different from other recipe cards I found. There is a version of the recipe page that has editable form fields, so you can type in your recipes and send them to family and friends via email!

You can download the template and use it to help create your own cookbooks.

Download the original recipe page template (188Kb PDF) here.

Download the recipe page with editable form fields (165 Bb) here.

Use File > Save As when you're saving the edible version of the recipe page, and rename it so you don't overwrite the original template.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and use these files. Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader for free here.

Cheer, enjoy!!


Let's Dress Up Your Ice Cubes

I like the idea to make some ice cubes feel special by dressing them up with wildflowers and berries.

Making them is so easy, just drop berries and flowers in the ice cube trays and fill with water (or any baverage of your choice) then freeze them.

So cool to make these fancy ice cubes for enjoying your daily drink and for spicing up your party.

Have fun!!!


Craft It Forward


A new project idea and a chance to win $500 every month!

CREAT. Make any project you would like or download one of these free ideas.

 SHARE. Give it to someone (anyone) in need, then upload a photo and description of your project and donation.

WIN. By uploading, you're automatically entered for the chance to WIN $500 for you AND $500 to the charity of your choice! A winner will be chosen every month.

Click here to learn more about Craft It Forward.

Have fun, Giving is Joy.



This hot dog packaging is just too cute.

Designed by Bangkok based Subconscious : "True Coffee, the coffee shop that serves coffee and bakery with hi-speed Internet in cozy and modern atmosphere, expand their food range to a quick bite like hot dog.


Panthermobile Auction

Are you Pink Panther's fan? Here's your chance to own a piece of Pink Panther history : the original Panthermobile, created in 1969 for the Pink Panther Show.

The original "Pink Panther" car and a replica of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang may raise as much as 350,000 pounds ($570,000) in an online auction.

The auction, hosted by bidspotter.com, will begin at noon on Sept. 4, and run through Oct. 14.

Have fun!!!

Cute Idea

Unknown Source.

This cute idea remind me it's long time I haven't written or mailed any letter.


FREE printable Halloween Treat Box

Download here!

Even though it's almost 2 months for celebrate Halloween festival, I can't wait for so long to tell you I found some cute freebies for Halloween!

I found lot of fun creating some Halloween treat boxes at i love illustrate for children for you to download FREE!! Simply print them off, cut and assemble, and fill with yummy treats on Halloween. 

Download here!

Download here! 

Download here! 

Download here! 

Download here!


Soooo....Cute Hello Kitty Trick or Treat Bags for Halloween.

Looking for cute trick or treat bags for Halloween? Here are some cute trick or treat bags you can hand out to the kids for Halloween. These are the perfect Halloween Treat Bag to go with the perfect costume.

I just added so cute Hello Kitty trick or treat bags for Halloween at my shop. Hurry up, few of them are left. 

Celebrate everyone’s favorite spooky time of year with cute trick or treat bags for Halloween.