Chocolate Cupcake

I like coffee and bakery and be addicted to chocolate. I remember that I used to bake some easy cake when I was young. (long time ago ^-^)

I started baking again around few months before christmas of last year. I tried some easy cookies and cupcake first. It's come out pretty good and yummyyyy... So I enjoy baking and try more.

I love pretty things so I'd like to make pretty bakery. Many bakery boggers inspire me to make cute cookies and cupcake. One of my favorite site is Bakerella. This site provides sweet inspiration and fun baking ideas. I dream to decorate my bakery to be cute like these.

images credit : Bakerella

There're many fun and easy baking in her site. Her baking and decorating are so pretty. I like this site so much especially the bite-size recipes.

This's my first time to decorate cupcake. They're not look good but they're yummy....

2 days later I tried decorating cupcake again. Wowww....they're look better and more cute, right ^.^

I'll practice more and more to make very very cute bakery,......Fighting!!!!

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