EaSy CuT OuT

For the one who do scrapbooking will know what die cut is. I don't do scrapbooking but I always make my own die cut to decorate my gift tags or mini cards. You can enjoy making your easy die cut like me.

First of all, I choose some small stamps I like.

I have many heart shape and sweet words stamps and I'm so sweet ^.^

Stamp them on white paper, at least 180 gram. and then cut into pieces.

After that decorate the gift tags anyway you like. Hope you enjoy and like my idea, have fun!!!


Shoe Shopping Guide

Click on the image to see bigger size

I got this good advice from Non dairy Diary. This diary's wrote by Delphine (del4yo), French lady live in USA. She is a concept artist, a texture artist and an illustrator who love pictures.

Fortunately, she blog in English cause I can't read French :)

I like her blog so much. Her illustrations are very very cute. She created the Non dairy Diary to share stuff with you all. She use Photoshop for almost 20 years now so she have lots of tutorials about Photoshop for you, here. Moreover, there're many pretty freebies like desktop background, gift wrapping, paper pattern, calendar and so on, here.

I'm now change my desktop background to be this one which I've download from her freebies. It's Kawai background. Many of her illustrations and paper patterns are japanese style.

I also love her cute paper toys and enjoy look around and download them to make for my own.

Thank you very much, Delphine, for your kindness to share your pretty stuff in Non dairy Diary.

images credit : Non dairy Diary


Happy Mother's Day

August 21 is Mother's day in Thailand. Today is the birthday of Queen Sirikit Kitiyakara.

Mother’s Day Celebration Date is vary in countries around the world. See more details

How to Say “Mother” in Different Languages, learn from here.

Thai say "Mae"

image credit : www.greetingstuffs.com


The Trails You Leave

"Every person has the power to make others happy.

Some do it simply by entering a room -
others by leaving the room.

Some individuals leave trails of gloom;
others, trails of joy.

Some leave trails of hate and bitterness;
other, trails of love and harmony.

Some leave trails of cynicism and pessimism;
others trails of faith and optimism.

Some leave trails of criticism and resignation;
others trails of gratitude and hope.

What kind of trails do you leave?"

- William A. Ward