CupCake in Tea Cup

These cupcakes are so cute. I like them so much. I Like cupcake and enjoy baking them. I have only normal silicone mold and paper mold.

I found them in Fred & Friend website - http://www.worldwidefred.com/

bake and serve cupcake molds

Bake and serve your cupcakes right in these teacup-shaped silicone molds and delight your tea party guests! We’ve included four reusable, food-safe silicone baking cups complete with saucers for a most elegant presentation.

TeaCupCakes are 100%-pure silicone and phthalate - free plastic. Colorful giftpacks.

Design: Lou Henry, A2 Inc.

Cups measure 1.75 inches tall x 2.75 inches wide. Saucers measure 4 inches in diameter.Set includes 4 cupcake molds and 4 serving saucers.

I'll add them to my wish list.

You can shop online in Perpetual Kid!® and Amazon.

Credit image : www.worldwidefred.com , http://www.perpetualkid.com/


Play and Feed Hangry People

I'm now telling you about FreeRice. FreeRice is a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food Program.

FreeRice has two goals:

1. Provide education to everyone for free.
2. Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.

Whether you are CEO of a large corporation or a street child in a poor country, improving your education can improve your life. It is a great investment in yourself.

Perhaps even greater is the investment your donated rice makes in hungry human being, enabling them to function and be productive. Somewhere in the world, a person is eating rice that you helped provide. Let's help them together.

The idea of this website is very creative - play game and help hungry people. There're varieties of subjects available at FreeRice for you such as math, vocabulary, science, etc. Choose anyone which you're interesting.

Play the game whenever you'd like. For each answer you get right FreeRice donate 10 grains of rice through World Food Programe to help end hanger. Though 10 grains of rice may seem like a small amount, it is important to remember that while you are playing, so are thousands of other people at the same time.

FreeRice doesn't have the rice to give directly. This is made possible by the generosity of the sponpors who advertise on the site.

The rice is paid for by the banners you see at the bottom of your screen when you enter a correct answer.

When you play the game, banners appear on the bottom of your screen. The money generated by these banners is then used to buy the rice. So by playing, you generate the money that pays for the rice donated to the hungry people.

Credit images & content : http://www.freerice.com/


ABC Paper Cup

Suddenly I see these paper cups I get new ideas for gift wrapping and party arrangement.
They're the product of Korean Team, iamdesign.

Let’s see their website, Iam Design, to see many more ideas to use these cute paper cups.

These ABC paper cups are not sold in Thailand. Anyway I'll try to make my own from white paper cups and pieces of colour paper (cut in ABC letters). I'll show you latter. Let's make yours also and share me your ideas and how you use them.


Sweet Paul Online Magazine

New online magazines for free.

Now, Sweet Paul Magazine is online, like Paul has said in his blog.

'This spring Sweet Paul Magazine will be launched. It will be a online 90 page food, crafts and lifestyle magazine filled to the rim with great recipes, fun crafts, interesting people and much more.'

Sweet Paul magazine is based on Paul Lowe's wildly successful blog Sweet Paul, witch ranked 22nd in the London Time's Top 50 Best Design Blogs. With over 100,000 hits a month Sweet Paul has become a regular read for editors, stylists and foodies all over the world. Paul's motto is "chasing the sweet things in life" and the magazine sure lives up to that. It will be filled with easy and elegant recipes, fun and stylish crafts, entertaining ideas, shopping tips, up and coming crafters and so much more.

Enjoy reading and browsing at www.sweetpaulmag.com

there're lots of interesting contents.
I like every pages. They're so colourful and beautiful.

and don't forget to visit his blog : sweet paul - chasing the sweet things in life.

Wait for the next issue, it'll be launched on Aug 17.

credit image and content : sweet paul magazine