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What Kate Ate is a foodie photography blog. It includes recipes and food photography by Katie herself. Katie is a professional food photographer and food stylist. She presents what's hot and tasty within the Sydney and Australian food scene.

I'm a sweet lover so I'd like to eat every things I see in her blog. What Katie Ate is one of the prettiest food blog I have seen. 

Let's take a look What Katie Ate. I'm sure you'll love it.

There aren't only gorgeous food photos. There are something cool more.

.... Recipes...


...Lovely packaging...

...Markets & Resources...

...Pubs, Clubs and dinning places...

...Australia, Australian made and Melbourne...

and much more.


Magnolia Vanilla Cupcake

Some of you might notice that I haven't posted for around 2 weeks. I'm a bit busy this month. There're lots of thing to do and have fun. I enjoy travelling, making cards and gift tags, baking (more than usual), shopping many gifts, joining parties, and so on.

Are you fan of Sex and the city? You might familiar with 'Magnolia's Bakery', right?
Magnolia Bakery is so popular in New York. It's the name of the gals' favorite bakery shop.

I've just tried this Vanilla Magnolia's Bakery recipe for 2 times.
I like this recipe (since I baked it for the first time) so much. It's very easy and yummy.
Everyone like these cupcakes more than other vanilla cupcakes I've baked.

Next time I'll adapt this recipe to be matcha cupcake.
I also plan to bake many cupcakes for Christmas gifts and Christmas parties.

You can find many recipes of Magnolia Bakery Shop in these Magnolia Bakery Cookbooks.

The Buttercup Bake Shop Cookbook: More Than 80 Recipes for Irresistible, Old-Fashioned Treats [Hardcover]


Chocolate Mail


Do you love chocolate?
Are you a stamp-licking?
It's said that licking stamp is not good. Anyway someone usually lick stamp cause it's easy for them. Toby Ng Design get cool idea for these one. 

If abstaining from stamp-licking a stressful thing to many, why not making the lick a cheery one by giving a taste to it? These chocolate-flavoured stamps are leading a joyful reform to the habit of stamp-licking. With dark, milk, and white chocolate flavours to be chosen from, stamp-licking may well become a prevailing and irresistible act for those who shunned. Each set of 24 1st class stamps are arranged as a bar of chocolate and packaged in an envelope in the colour of its flavour.

I'm a chocolate-aholic but never licked any stamp. Anyway I'd like to lick these stamps once :-D

If you’re going to lick a stamp, why not make it tasty?

images & content credit : Toby Ng Design


Butter Better! & Spooning The Yogurt

I realy love these two spoon ideas. They're perfect designs for both covenient single-serve way and reducing waste.

Butter Spoon
The idea here is to package butter in a very convenient singgle-serve way. Since single serves are usually consumed during travel and picnics, this package includes a wooden spoon lid. The solid spoon is used to spread the butter and does away the need to carry additional cutlery. It's cool!!!

Designer : Yeongkeun Jeong

Yogurt Spoon

Most often yogurt cups come with extra plastic spoons but these yogurt cups don't. Yogurt Spoon Design Package is so handy. The top seal of the cup comes off and can be folded into the shape of a functional spoon, wow!!.   

Designer : Cho Hye-seung

images and content credit : Yanko Design