Magnolia Vanilla Cupcake

Some of you might notice that I haven't posted for around 2 weeks. I'm a bit busy this month. There're lots of thing to do and have fun. I enjoy travelling, making cards and gift tags, baking (more than usual), shopping many gifts, joining parties, and so on.

Are you fan of Sex and the city? You might familiar with 'Magnolia's Bakery', right?
Magnolia Bakery is so popular in New York. It's the name of the gals' favorite bakery shop.

I've just tried this Vanilla Magnolia's Bakery recipe for 2 times.
I like this recipe (since I baked it for the first time) so much. It's very easy and yummy.
Everyone like these cupcakes more than other vanilla cupcakes I've baked.

Next time I'll adapt this recipe to be matcha cupcake.
I also plan to bake many cupcakes for Christmas gifts and Christmas parties.

You can find many recipes of Magnolia Bakery Shop in these Magnolia Bakery Cookbooks.

The Buttercup Bake Shop Cookbook: More Than 80 Recipes for Irresistible, Old-Fashioned Treats [Hardcover]

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