Butter Better! & Spooning The Yogurt

I realy love these two spoon ideas. They're perfect designs for both covenient single-serve way and reducing waste.

Butter Spoon
The idea here is to package butter in a very convenient singgle-serve way. Since single serves are usually consumed during travel and picnics, this package includes a wooden spoon lid. The solid spoon is used to spread the butter and does away the need to carry additional cutlery. It's cool!!!

Designer : Yeongkeun Jeong

Yogurt Spoon

Most often yogurt cups come with extra plastic spoons but these yogurt cups don't. Yogurt Spoon Design Package is so handy. The top seal of the cup comes off and can be folded into the shape of a functional spoon, wow!!.   

Designer : Cho Hye-seung

images and content credit : Yanko Design

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