Manner Beans Chopsticks Game

Can you use chopsticks? Many of my western friends can not use chopstick cause it's eastern style not western. I don't remember how I start using chopsticks. Anyway I remember that it's not easy for my western friends to use chopsticks. I have an idea for you to practice your chopsticks skills!

Learning to use chopsticks properly takes a lot of practice, but it pay off when you can deftly grab even the tiniest bean from your plate and look like a natural. It CAN be done! The Manner Beans Chopsticks Game lets you practice anytime and hone your skills before off to Asia or your local sushi bar. Or, just play for fun!

The game includes lots of littles beans, sorted between "male" and "female" beans so you can sort them while you practice. There's no better way to get kids up to speed as well! Plus, the included instruction booklet visually shows you exactly how to hold chopsticks properly and grab your food without offending your dining companions.

You can buy this idea game from Japan Trend Shop 

images and content credit : Japan Trend Shop

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