IPhone5 App.

Image credit : bizzarocomic

Nowsaday so many people use smart phone like IPhone, BB, etc. I guess you're the one, right. Although all smart phones are very useful I've never had one. For me, a smart phone is over my requirements. There're too many applications which I might need only few of them. Anyway I'm not an 'anti-technology' person. I'm just choose the one which's suitable for me :)  

There's an IPhone5 app. shown in Bizzaro blog. It's so funny. I love many app. there like 'Pie on demand', 'Washes your car', 'Makes brocolli taste like chocolate', 'Predicts future, changes past', and so on.

For an IPhone lover, Bizzaro has an app. that feeds your phone a new cartoon every day, the same one that is in newspapers worldwide. It also has a year's worth of searchable archive and links to his website and blog. All this for about $2 or $3 a year!!!

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