Thai Papaya Salad

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Have you ever eat this delicious menu (Thai Papaya Salad or Som-Tam) before? Actually it isn't Salad. We call 'Som-Tam' in Thai. I'm sure that you can find 'Som-Tam' at every Thai restaurant in your country. In Thailand you can find Som-Tam everywhre from any street to the 5-star Hotel. Every Thai people love Som-Tam. It's the most favorite for someone so they eat Som-tam everyday.

Som-Tam is not specified to be breakfast, brach, lanch or dinner. We can eat Som-Tam every time we'd like, even though evening!!!

It's very wonderful. It's also a yummy diet menu for the diet one. There're variety of Som-Tam. The picture above shows the basic ingredients. When salted duck egg is added it's turn to be 'Som-Tam-Khai-Khem'. When Pla-Ra is added it's turn to be 'Som-Tam-Pla-Ra'. When fruits (any kind you like such as apple, rose apple, etc) are added it's turn to be 'Som-Tam-Pon-La-Mai' (Pon-La-Mai = fruit). So when anything you like is added it's turn to be 'Som-Tam- .....'. You see!!! it's so wonderful menu.

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