New Line Hello Kitty Stickers : Hello Kitty With Tiny Chum

Don't miss these new line stickers, Hello Kitty: Hello Kitty With Tiny Chum
All stickers are super cute.



Win 10 Blocks of Coco Chocolate 90% Dark Chocolate!

For this Easter, there's a yummy giveaway at Not Quite Nigella blog!!
Winners will pick up the bars themselves from any of the Coco Stores
in Kirribilli, Mosman and Willoughby.
For a chance to win, all you have to do is tell her which flavour
you would like best out of the list there and why!

The competition ends at midnight, the 6th of April, 2014.

See more detail and get a chance to win there.


Thai Tea Ice Cream

It's a bit hot now in Thailand, so it's time for Ice-Creammmmmm......
I love a ice-cream so much (●ゝω・)~☆

I just found the easy recipe and looked yummy of Thai Tea Ice-cream 
I'm quite sure I can make it cause the machine is not needed!!!

"Thai Tea" Two-Ingredient Ice Cream (Machine *Not* Needed)

3 Cups of Heavy Whipping Cream (set aside 1 cup)
1/2 Cup Thai Tea Leaves (found at Asian food stores near you)
1 Can (14 oz) Sweetened Condensed Milk

Explore all detail and easy step by step how to make it --> here


Some of you might tasted various Thai Tea beverage before.
Have you ever tasted my favorite Thai Tea yet?

credit photo: canadian living

This's my favorite brand. It's called 'Cha-Tra-Mue'.
'Cha' means tea, 'Tra' means brand and 'Mue' means hand.
Its trademark is thumbsup, as shown on the package.

Let's taste Cha-Tra-Mue, you'd like it the same as me. 

You can contact me for more detail about Thai tea.

Have a nice day!!


How to Create Your Own Homemade Stationery

Look!!! these paper are so lovely.

I just found them at City Girl Searching Blog.
This idea inspires me to create some lovely paper for my own and my friends.
It's look easy to decorate the plain paper with my variety of Washi Tapes.

Would you like to decorate some? See all detail there


Patchwork Paper Origami Gift Boxes

Lisa Tilse at the red thread blog has shared the creative way to wrap with love. 
These lidded origami gift boxes are based on a traditional Japanese design 
to which she has added her own patchwork paper twist.

To make each box you’ll need:

• four squares of paper for the lid and four for the base
• washi tape (any tape is fine, but washi is more forgiving 
if you make a mistake because it’s easily removed and repositioned)

See the step by step at the red thread blog and make some for your own.

They're so colourful and very nice.

Have a nice day!!


Home Made With Thai Sweets

I'm proud to present Thai Sweets Cook Book.
Most of Sweets present in this Cook Book are my favourite and very yummy.

Let's make and test them.
I'm quite sure, you will like them.