Thai Tea Ice Cream

It's a bit hot now in Thailand, so it's time for Ice-Creammmmmm......
I love a ice-cream so much (●ゝω・)~☆

I just found the easy recipe and looked yummy of Thai Tea Ice-cream 
I'm quite sure I can make it cause the machine is not needed!!!

"Thai Tea" Two-Ingredient Ice Cream (Machine *Not* Needed)

3 Cups of Heavy Whipping Cream (set aside 1 cup)
1/2 Cup Thai Tea Leaves (found at Asian food stores near you)
1 Can (14 oz) Sweetened Condensed Milk

Explore all detail and easy step by step how to make it --> here


Some of you might tasted various Thai Tea beverage before.
Have you ever tasted my favorite Thai Tea yet?

credit photo: canadian living

This's my favorite brand. It's called 'Cha-Tra-Mue'.
'Cha' means tea, 'Tra' means brand and 'Mue' means hand.
Its trademark is thumbsup, as shown on the package.

Let's taste Cha-Tra-Mue, you'd like it the same as me. 

You can contact me for more detail about Thai tea.

Have a nice day!!

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