Let's have Breakfast

image credit : simply breakfast

I'm sure that everyone already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Anyway I think breakfast may be the meal that is most often neglected or skipped for any reason.

I'm the one who usually skip breakfast especially on weekend or holiday,...oh,...bad Habit....

A good breakfast provides the nutrients that people need to start their day off right. It provide you energy that your body needs to make it through the day.

Breakfast is very important for weight loss and weight management. Right breakfast provide you better blood sugar.

Studies show that children who eat a good breakfast do better in school than children who do not.
See more how much important your breakfast is...here...

Let's take a look at simply breakfast, Jennifer Causey's blog. She love food, photo, travel and breakfast.

I hope her photos will inspire you all to prepare beautiful breakfast and not skip your breakfast at all.

You can print your own simply breakfast at Jen's etsy shop.

some sources for healthy and easy breakfast :

Enjoy Breakfast and get Healthy!!!

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