Valentine Sweethearts wallpaper for iPhone

These iPhone wallpaper sets from allsorts are so sweet. The adorable pair of sweethearts were paired with a dotty background.

I rarely found iPhone wallpaper sets like these. 
I said "wallpapers set" cause the wallpapers for your "lock" page and your "home" page are matched! They're so cool ^.^

*The lock page wallpaper is what display when you turn on your phone and you have to swipe to unlock it. The home page wallpaper displays behind your app icons.

These sweet iPhone wallpapers were created in two versions, one with the kids for your lock page, and one without the kids (a nice clean dots-only) for your home page.

The lock page (with swipe bar) will look like this.

The home page (with the app icons) will look like this.


These iPhone wallpaper sets come in 4 colours which're red, aqua, pink and blues.

Below are links to the images, just right-click (or control-click on a Mac) and save to your computer.


How to set up your iPhone wallpaper, you should read this post on She Knows.  

Cheers, Have a nice Valentine's month!!

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