Computer Technology Explained

image credit : unknown

There're some problems with my notebook for few weeks. It's might be there're some virus in my notebook, windows programe was out of order or any reason. Finally I can't start my notebook...so sad. So I have to use my old computer instead. It's very very old ... everything in it is also olddd....and slowly.

Anyway one good thing is I found many pictures, photos and contents I left in my old computer. Some of them I can remember, some of them I forgot already. Many photos remind me my old days and my happyness.

I found the 'Computer Technology Explained' graphic which I show you today in my old computer also. Because it's saved in my computer for many years, I don't know who send it to me nor it's belong to whom. When I see this graphic again I think it's so funny and I like it so much. It's no need for me to explain anything, the graphic explain itself very well.

Have fun!!! I hope you like it also.

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