Paper Halloween Decoration

For the Western I think you're counting down the days to Halloween, October 31st. I'm sure that some of you prepare for a Halloween party already. Thai don't celebrate Halloween like you all. Anyway there're Halloween parties or Halloween theme at some department stores, restaurants, pubs and entertainment centres.

I also love to celebrate Halloween cause I like party, :D. The Halloween which I like is the cute Halloween style, not scary one. 'Trick or treat' is also the fun part which I like.

I find some Halloween decorative ideas and recipes. First of all, I'm thinking of pumpkin cause I love to eat pumpkin. ^.^ I'm looking for some ideas of how to decorate pumpkins and how to cook or bake pumpkins. I'd like to bake pumpkin pie or pumpkin muffin.

I always focus on the paper craft (I'm a paper craft lover) and finally I found the cute paper craft for Halloween decoration.

You' ll find the paper Halloween decoration which I mention in the cannon website, it's cannon creative park zone. I'm enjoy looking around to choose the cute Halloween items. There're many many downloadable and printable freebies for Halloween and other occations. There're lots of freebies for gift & card, paper craft, scrapbook, art and calendar. I'm so lucky to know this site :D.

This site let me know about Halloween. Now I know 'The origin of Halloween'. The word "Halloween" is derived from All Hallos Eve, which refer to the day before Christian holiday of all Saints day. The pumpkin lamps I see around the place at Halloween are called Jack-o'-lanterns. To know more click --> here

There're many cute cards. It's not easy to choose only one.

There're many items for Halloween decorations

To keep your Halloween party memories, create your scrapbook with many nice patterns.

I have lots of ideas for a fun Halloween. Anyway there's one thing left I'm looking for. It's how to decorate the treat boxes or bags to please the kids. I have to hurry up, there're only 10 days before Halloween!!!!

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