The Lunch Note Promise

"A Little Note can Inspire Great Thing"

I think some of you always make your kids lunchbox. I'm sure that your kids will love them so much. I'm the one who love my lunchbox made by my mom. Even though there's no any sweet note nor love note shown with my lunch, but I knew that my mom love me so much, :)

I see some bloggers make their love note cards and give them with their kids' lunchbox.
I thought it's a great idea to decorate the lunchboxes and tell your kids how much you love, care and think about them ^.^

The lunch note promise deal - Every time you promise to give a free, printable lunch note to your kids, $1 will be donated to Boys and Girls Clubs of America's Creative programs (like MusicMakers, The National Fine Arts Exhibit and Dance Stars of Tomorrow), up to a $100,000 total Donation.

Now there's around $28,140 donation. Let's make your promise and raise up the donation to the goal.

Make a promise - Make a difference : There're many cute notes available for you to print and drop into your kids' lunch. Have Fun!!!

you can help to get the word out by telling your friends on Twitter or e-mail them.

Plus if you tell your friends on Facebook about your promise, you can get a $1 off coupon for LUNCHABLES!

Make a promise and $1 will be donated!!!

See more at lunchables.com

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