Lovely Little Pictures and Things

It's still raining in Thailand now. There's rain everyday for almost a week. I don't like rainy season. It make me sad, depress, cheerless, and so on. Actually, the rainy season here is from June to October. The wettest period are 2-3 months, July-September. Because of a depresstion there's wildspread rain with heavy to very heavy rainfall in some areas.

I hope there'll be sun shine soon cause I plan to go to the beach this long weekend.

Something I alway do to waste my time in the boring days is searching for inspirations. Today I find cute drawing with words which can cheer up myself. They're made by Fre'ya who enjoy traveling around the world and drawing inspiration from wherever she visits. She's based in England and Austraria. Her works are held in many public and private collections around the world.

I think you'll enjoy and be happy (like me) when you see her beautyful drawings and sweet words. Let's click --> Fre'ya art and design. There're many lovely little pictures and things.

I love this one so much and have a big smile when I see it.

I love to sleep. I like my family's tradition that 'Don't disturb anyone who're spleeping'....Ha, ha,...

Visit her shop at Etsy to see more her design and buy some for yourself and your special one for any occation !!!

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