Party Treat Pockets

These treat pockets is cute and easy to make. 
You can use this idea for gift wrapping and sweet packages. 

Materials you will need :  vellum or parchment paper, double stick tape, 
1/2″ coloured tape (trim if wider), scissors, and your choice of fillings.

Step 1:  Cut strips of paper:  3.5″x8″ for small, 4″x9″ for medium, and 4.5″x10″ for large.
Step 2:  Place double stick tape along one short end and stick to the other end to form a loop.
Step 3:  Pinch one end and close the opening with a strip of coloured tape.

Step 4:  Fill the pocket.
Step 5:  Pinch the opening in the opposite direction as before and close with coloured tape.

If you don't have vellum or parchment paper, you can use any gift wrap paper, it is also cute!

You can find some cute and colourful decor (paper) tape at my shop also (^_^)b


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