Origami Paper Dress Card


Making this origami paper dress is very simple, here is a video of the paper folding process.

Don't you think making a dress out of paper will be fun. Lets learn how to do this... :)

I also found the step by step how to fold the cute Origami dress at the F girl blog.

It's also cute to decorate your letter, card, gift and so on with this little Origami dress.

This is the perfect ornament for a bookie. The little dresses are so very sweet.


How cute are these little origami dresses : ModCloth.

Now, you get some ideas to enjoy making the Origami Paper Dress. Then fold some for your own.

For Hello Kitty Lovers, I'd like to recommend you folding the Origami Paper Dress with the cute Hello Kitty Origami Paper. Your Origami Paper Dresses will be so cute (=^_^=)

You can get these cute Sanrio Hello Kitty Origami Papers at my etsy shop.

Have fun!


  1. Love your round-up of dresses. Thanks so much for linking:)

  2. thanks a lot for the video ! I've used it and I lifted your card . It is so cute!