Vanilla Cupcake With Honey Butter Cream and Strawberry Sauce Topping

I have not baked for many months so I miss baking time very much. 

The Vanilla Magnolia's Bakery recipe is my favorite cupcake recipe. It's easy and yummy recipe and perfect with any kind of frosting. This time I try honey butter cream and add strawberry sauce for topping.

My honey butter cream
(make enough for 12 cupcakes)
butter ..... 170 g.
powder sugar ..... 150 g.
honey ..... 1/3 cup
milk ..... 20 ml.

The honey butter cream is a bit sweet and smell good.  

It's yummy with strawberry sauce topping which's little bit sour. It's also tasty without strawberry sauce topping, isn't too sweet.

Cheers, Yummy & Healthy homemade bakery.

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