Trust Me, This is not Pad Thai

So sad when my friend told me that 'ugly Pad Thai' was uploaded on You Tube by The New York Times since last year.

I wouldn't to believe that The New York Times uploaded this ugly Pad Thai. 

Even though there're only 7,xxx people saw this video. Most of them knew this isn't Pad Thai. Some of them might not know. I wouldn't like anyone to misunderstand about Thailand famous dish.

Actually, Pad Thai, my favorite dish, is look yummy and very delicious. It isn't look terrible like the one in this video.

I'd like to introduce you how to cook a yummy Pad Thai.

This is the tasty Pad Thai for beginners by Chez Pim. You see, they're absolutely difference.

Now, forget the ugly Pad Thai which's uploaded on You Tube by The New York Times and enjoy cooking yummy Pad Thai as you see on Chez Pim Blog and Vegan Black Metal Chef video.

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