Free Owl Recipe Card

I rarely bake this year cause I try to control my weight now, ha, ha,...

Last year I enjoyed baking so much. Banking make me lots of fun and giving others my homemade bakeries make me so happy. Anyway, there is one thing I don't like. I gain weight few kilograms, so sad T.T

Even though i look a bit chubby now, I still love baking, and search for some tasty recipes : D

I've saved lots of yummy recipes in my computer. I plan to collect them and will start baking as usual soon (after I loss weight 2-3 kilograms \\(^.^)//). 


I love paper and cute illustration so I'd like to keep my bakery recipes in the cute way.

I heard someone usually write down their recipes on the recipe cards. I think that's a good idea! So I try to look for some cute recipe cards. I found many cute recipe cards in the internet, some of them are free but the others are not.

One free printable I like so much is 'Owl Recipe Card' from My Owl Barn. This recipe card has a space for your favorite recipe on one side and instructions on the other. Each card has a space for the title, dish type, preparation time, shopping list and the recipe, and is adorned with adorable owl illustrations.

 Enjoy! Have a nice day.

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