Free Printable Recipe Page Template

Last month I told you about a Free Owl Recipe Card which I like so much.

Today I find another fun idea to make a personal cookbook from domestifluff.com. It's so cute and free. It's a full page (8 1/2" x 11") printable recipe template.

It's different from other recipe cards I found. There is a version of the recipe page that has editable form fields, so you can type in your recipes and send them to family and friends via email!

You can download the template and use it to help create your own cookbooks.

Download the original recipe page template (188Kb PDF) here.

Download the recipe page with editable form fields (165 Bb) here.

Use File > Save As when you're saving the edible version of the recipe page, and rename it so you don't overwrite the original template.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and use these files. Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader for free here.

Cheer, enjoy!!

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