Hearing The Sun Shine

Some of you know Thailand, Some of you don't.
Some of you used to travel to Thailand, Some of you don't.
Some of you would like to visit Thailand, Some of you don't.

I'd like to show you these full length (35 mins) clips of THE MOST AMAZING SHOW ON EARTH! THAILAND, which you'll be impressed!!!
The clips show many beautiful places and difference parts of thailand, everyday life of Thai people, how do we live and enjoy our life and so on.  

Wowww.... Amazing Thailand \\(^.^)//


The places shown in 4th and 5th part clips are Sukhothai and Sri-Sachanalai, the well-known visited places.

Sukhothai is my hometown. It's the first capital of Thailand, around 7xx years ago. Sri-Satchanalai is a vicinity.

Sukhothai is compound of two words, 'Suk' and 'Aru-nothai'. 'Suk' means Happiness. 'Aru-nothai' means The dawn. So 'Sukhothai' means The dawn of happiness...woww....

The beautiful ceremonial which you see in the 5th part is 'Loi Kratong Festival'. Loi Krathong festival is a Thai tradition which I've posted here.
Any questions about Thailand? Would like to know Thailand more? Would like to travel to Thailand? and so on. I'm quite willing to tell you everything about Thailand : D

I hope you love Thailand and would like to explore Thailand like me.


with lots of thangs to
tatnewsroom and MrMuangthai


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