A Cute Unazukin Doll For Your Blog

I've found this sooo... cute unazukin doll in ishtar olivera's blog for few month. I like it so much. She give it for free here. You can get it for your blog like me. From her blog, it's so easy. Just copy and paste the text on your html widget. You can change the text if you want.

I tried to follow the instruction shown there, copied and pasted those blue text several times. So sad, the cute unazukin doll didn't show in my blog T.T

Today I try to add this cute doll to my blog again. I copy only these pink text, 
img src="http://www.ishtarolivera.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/p1707ex1.gif" /
and paste the text between "<....>".  Finally I get it in my blog, you see!  

Anyone who follow her instruction but couldn't get it to work, let's try the same as me. Hope my instruction will not confuse you :-P

I'm Happy. Are You Happy???

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