The New Starbucks Size for Ice Drink

The American Starbucks' fan have tested the new bigger size 31-ounce (916.8 ml) : "Trenta" since last year in Phoenix and Tampa. It was reponding to customer demand for larger cold beverages.

The Trenta size will debut in 14 states, including Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Hawaii and Arizona, on Jan. 18 and in California on Feb. 1.

The new size will be available only for iced coffee, iced tea and iced tea lemonade drinks in the United States.

Starbucks' current largest size is a 24-ounce "Venti" cup used for serving iced coffee and other cold drinks. The new larger size, 'Trenta', is 7-ounce larger than 'Venti'. Drinks in the Trenta size will cost 50 cents more than similar Venti-sized iced drinks.

Have you ever imagined how big the Trenta is? There is a graphic shown the Trenta size compared with adult human stomach in National Post. The volume of Trenta (916 ml.) is more than the average capacity of adult stomach (900 ml.) WOWWW!!!!

For me, the new biggest size iced drink, Trenta is too much. I usually order Grande iced coffee and take more than hour to drink. I've never ordered the Venti size at all.

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