Dead Jeans Phone Pockets

I'm quite sure that many of you are jeans lover the same as me and store lots of jeans (even though we can't wear them any more) in the closet. 

Now I found a great idea for you fovorite jeans!!!

Dead jeans can reincarnate your favorite old jeans into a unique smart-phone pocket.

Every pair of jeans is different, showing individual wear and tear. As a result each Deadjeands is totally unique, made just for you, with a serial number! 

Here's an easy step by step to order yours:
1. order your pocket by filling in the form and make a payment
2. you'll recieve a Deadjeans envelope
3. rip the back pockets from your jeans and send them to Deadjeans using a Deadjeans envelope
4. wait for your own Deadjeans Pocket.

The Deadjeans Pockets are available for the IPhone 3G(s), the IPhone 4 and the BlackBerry Bold 9700 (and smartphones in the same size) for about $40.

Order your own here

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