LINE 'Pray for the Philippines' Sticker Set Sold for Haiyan Victims

In light of the recent tragedy brought upon by the super Typhoon Yolanda, 
LINE is inviting the global community to support the typhoon victims 
in the Philippines.

A week after Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) battered central Philippines, 
LINE has released on Friday, November 15, a special stickers set - 
"Pray for the Philippines." Designed with hope, this special edition of 
LINE Character Stickers is available for free in the Philippines, 
to let people express their feelings to their loved ones, 
in a different way. 

It is also be available globally, at a minimal cost (50 coins). 
Proceeds will be donated to The Philippine Red Cross to help 
rebuild the damaged cities.

Let's pray for the Philippines!!!

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