Washi Tape Gift Tags DIY

I get up so early today (before 4 am) and just find the colourful washi tape gift tags at Decor8 blog
They are SUPER EASY to make using simple tags, fabrics and washi tape. (*_*)

After you find the fabrics you love, you tear them into strips (or cut neatly if neat is your thing) 
and then lay out your washi tapes and see which colors work with your fabrics.

Once you have your tags , start tearing your washi tape by hand into strips, in all lengths and widths.
Raw torn edges look best. Layer them, create patterns, do whatever works and stick washi tape 
on ONE side of the tag, trimming the edges so that you aren’t folding the tape over the tag 
to the other side – you want the other side to be washi-free so you can write your message there. 
Loop the fabric through and tie it. You can also use ribbon instead of fabric, of course, 
but this is more unique. (^_^)b

These are so pretty. I'll make my own this weekend.

images and content via : decor8 blog.

I've just got so cute Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma Washi Tapes (masking tapes) from Japan 
and plan to add these cute tapes in my etsy shop tomorrow. Let's check out, they're so cool.

Anyway, there're many pretty washi tapes (masking tapes) waiting for you in my etsy shop now!

Enjoy and Have a nice weekend!

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