Sweet Chocolatier Chocolate Maker

You can make a cute dessert with regular chocolate.

This chocolatier will help you to make dessert using chocolate and heavy cream. You can make three kinds of dessert: 1) Nama-choco(soft and it has heavy cream in it.), 2) truffle and 3) chocolate designs. 
If you put hot water into the melty pot, you can dissolve chocolate. And also the inside of the melty pot is microwave-safe! You can easily heat up some heavy cream and if you put some chocolate in it, it will become Ganache. 
With this you can make so many varieties of chocolate. If you cut up the Ganache and make square shapes, it will be Nama-choco. If you make a ball and sprinkle with cocoa powder, it will be a truffle. And also the kit comes with heart and star shapes silicon mold and template so you can decorate chocolate to make your own special chocolates! 

* Ganache is type of chocolate mixed with heavy cream.

What you need
Tool: Spoon / Fork / Microwave / Plastic Wrap / Tea Strainer
Ingredients(Nama-choco, Truffles): Chocolate Approx. 174g / Heavy Cream 60cc / Cocoa Powder
Ingredients(Designed Chocolate): Chocolate Approx. 28g / Chocolate Pen
Product Size: L190mm x W97mm x H102mm
Contents: 1 Melty Pot(1 Ganache Pot / 2 Chocolate Pen Holders) /
1 Tray / 1 Silicon Mold / 1 Scraper / 1 Clear Sheet /
1 Truffle Case / 1 Template / 5 Wrapping Bags
* Sometimes the chocolates will look slightly different than the pictures. 

You can buy Sweet Chocolatier Chocolate Maker at amazon shop.

Have fun!

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