Bangkok Flooding Situation

I haven't posted as usual this month cause there's big flooding in Thailand for almost a month. Now I'm so busy (moving almost everything in my house from 1st fl. to 2nd fl.)  and concern about Bangkok flooding so much.

I thought foreigners who're in Bangkok also concern about Bangkok flooding like me. Many of you don't know Thai language so I'd like you to download Thai flood help list app at App Store here.

This app is so useful for you.

Help-List on 2011 Thai Flood crisis, including call centers, SMS donation services, Bank account for donations, and group of people/services who need your help.

This app will pull contact/service data from the server every time you open the app, and you can also reload it anytime, to ensure that you have the latest contacts at your finger tip.

You can tap the number to dial right away, and also can make SMS donation using pre-defined format write away.

For update flooding situation, you should visit http://newley.com and follow http://twitter.com/#!/newley

Don't worry and enjoy life here!!

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