Kaka is Coming Back!!!

No, I'm not talking about a famous Brazilian football midfielder 
nor a famous American pop singer.

I've just found the new design of my favorite snack in the childhood day. 
It's Thailand brand snack called 'Kaka'. It's a crunchy corn snack which has been 
a very popular snack food for over 3 decades. Anyway, popularity has declined 
with today's generation of youths. I've never seen them for long time, 
around 10 years, might be more....    

Today, Kaka is coming back! with so cool new design by Prompt Design
Look at their hairstyles which represents each of the corn snack's new flavors, 
caramel corn favor and chocolate favor.



You see, they're so differences. There are lots of changes. 
Today I plan to find them in the supermaket to remind the joy 
of my childhood days...Yummy...

Have a nice day!


  1. Hi, did you manage to find the new Kaka around Thailand? Like you, I grew up eating this in Singapore and have been trying to hunt this down.

  2. So sad, I haven't seen them for a while.

  3. Yup.. that's sad.
    I did find a similar tasting corn snack when I was in Phuket recently though.